Quickly add delivery to your business with 4Work Delivery.

4Work Delivery is a single, shared repository of all the data that needs to be tracked and acted upon by all parties involved in getting your products delivered right to your customer’s doorstep. All of your important delivery logistics information is in one place and is updated in real time.

Technology to handle surge, crowd-sourcing drivers, and contact-less home deliveries.

The demand for delivery of goods is exploding. In this new environment with more and more demand on your resources, do you have the transportation logistics to deliver your products on time to your customer’s door?

Efficient Driver Operations

Meet fluctuating demands with crowdsourcing and get more efficient driver operations.

Swift & Easy Driver Onboarding

Quickly onboard drivers with a mobile app available on Android and iOS platforms.

Centralized Operations Mgmt

Have the ability to centrally manage all driver operations. Give managers more visibility and control.

KPI & Performance Management

Customers rate driver performance in real time. Data around driver operations and ensures reliability.

Gain a 6-9% increase in on-time deliveries.

Boost your business with seamless software integration and the reliable hardware to support it– all with Accucode’s award winning engineers and managed services at your fingertips 24/7.

Our partners are renowned for best-in-breed, ruggedized hardware that is perfect for environments such as retail and hospitality. Get only what you need and nothing that you don’t with Accucode’s expertise from 30 years of managed services for businesses needing ruggedized bar code scanners and printers.

Scale your delivery process at any number of locations without needing to hire more drivers.

The environment of on-time deliveries at a large scale is hard to navigate- from cost concerns to overheads. Businesses need to strike a balance between delivering a superior customer experience and reducing operational costs of finding and maintaining the best drivers. To solve this problem, enterprise business is leveraging driver crowd-sourcing.

We help businesses crowdsource teams of drivers, provide real-time delivery updates to customers, shrink delivery turn-around-time, optimize delivery routes in real-time, make deliveries flexible, and more.

Give a better experience to your customers using seamless wireless connectivity and ruggedized hardware to optimize your digital logistics. From predicting what’s unseen, to identifying the most efficient paths that lead to a customer’s doorsteps, we are the force driving next-generation logistics operations.

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