Deployment services that save you time and money

Configuring your hardware is time-consuming, but a critical function of any successful technology deployment. Our deployment services make sure your IT equipment is properly set-up, configured and tested before it ever leaves our depot.

Limit your device downtime with golden image backups

We work with you to create a standard image that is applied to each device being deployed. Network settings, OS components, firmware levels and software applications are all part of our golden image package that maximizes your device up time.

Technology that doesn’t work from the get-go can be costly

That’s why our engineers perform a series of tests to identify if anything is wrong with your solution before it ships. Our tests are performed in simulated environments and help us validate proof of concept.

Fully-supported technology shipped right to your door

After everything has been tested, we’ll box it up for you and ship it to your site. We even offer laser-etched engravings and custom-branded packaging on certain items upon request.