Helping you leverage modern technology to enhance healthcare operations, boost employee productivity, and deliver an exceptional patient experience.


Hospitals, pharmacies, nursing homes, and other healthcare providers can benefit from the many technology solutions we have to offer.

Whether you’re looking to deploy tablets to gather and maintain critical patient information or need a wireless network that your customers and staff can safely use, we can help! With over 20 years of experience in the technology sector, we can help identify which solutions will meet your objectives and will help save you money by lowering your total cost of ownership.


We’re always up-to-date with HIPPA’s latest technology standards and policies.

If you rely on technology to collect, maintain, and distribute medical data electronically, it’s important to make sure this information never falls into the wrong hands. We can help determine if your IT systems are HIPPA compliant and if you’re at risk, we’ll install a secure wireless network that prevents outside threats from accessing your patient’s sensitive health information.


Connecting with your employees, customers, and partners through mobile devices has played a critical role in advancing today’s healthcare industry.

For example, doctors who use tablets to analyze medical data in real-time can shorten patient treatment times and nurses using mobile technology to organize, manage, and deliver medications are less likely to give patients the wrong drug. Our healthcare solutions are designed to boost employee productivity and increase operational efficiency so you’ll have more time to focus on what truly matters most — your patient’s health.



AO: Networks

HIPPA compliant networks your patients and staff can depend on


AO: Launchpad

Fully managed and deployed tablet solutions for healthcare


AO: Lifecycle

Hardware maintenance and repairs on all your IT equipment


Accucode 3D

3D printing solutions used for medical modeling and rapid prototyping


Technology Consulting

Professional installations and support for unique project requirements

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