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3D Printing & Scanning

Additive manufacturing the highest quality parts for your project

Feel confident knowing that you will receive only the highest quality parts that not only meet all of your project’s requirements but exceed expectations.

Our Customers

With the 4Work application, every step of our process and customer interaction is visible in real time. Customer information, print times, materials, and follow-ups are all stored in one place.

Troubleshooting & Upgrades

Documentation includes a visual library with a complete set of instructions for any technician to easily install, troubleshoot, or upgrade a printer even as new technologies or techniques are introduced.

Quality Control

Printing across various printer platforms is monitored through 4Work and documented to capture data of successful prints, optimize printer and material usage, and build a schedule for production printing. Unsuccessful prints are monitored to capture material usage and time losses.

Service & Repairs

We are able to scale service and repairs from the to the receipt of the printer, to the evaluation, and repair. Get reports for any repair including any pictures that were taken during the repair process.