Give your business the power of machine learning

EdgeAI hosts and enables a wide range of AI applications software with visual cognition, a natural language chatbot, and machine learning at its core.

EdgeAI Micro Kiosk

A powerful and easy to use solution

The intuitive dashboard connects to every kiosk in your network across as many different locations as you need. The kiosk includes its own storage, processing, and power. It can run for hours without power or connectivity.

Processes data at the point of transaction and sends up the meta-data. Or, it connects to the cloud for real-time streaming of duplexed audio, video, sensor data, and more.

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AI Orchestration & Consulting

Customized machine learning software and AI enabled IoT edge technology

Chatbots & NLP technology

Digital assistance & digital management utilizes NLP in chatbot interfaces for business process roles.

Visual deep learning

Photo and streaming video analysis includes deep learning networks for automated analysis and object ID tracking.

Decision/detection engines

Data architecture is critical for machine learning. We offer data generalization and feature engineering.

Contact us for customized machine learning software and AI enabled IoT edge technology that gives your workforce the power to perform at a higher level in any environment.

What else can EdgeAI provide?

Entry control

Contactless, self-service technology driven by AI with sensors for facial recognition, timekeeping, and data collection.

Health screening

Quickly and effectively screen employees and visitors to mitigate public health risks.

Payment processing

Improve the speed and efficiency of the payment process by reducing the extent to which humans need to be involved.

Business process automation

AI driven automation improves performance, efficiency, and innovation.