7 Things Potential Members Look for when Choosing a Fitness Center

Finding motivation to make it to the gym can be tough enough for most people. That’s why choosing which fitness center involves many factors to consider. As a facility marketing itself to potential members, there are many unique aspects to offer new customers.

Here’s a list of seven things potential members look for when choosing a gym:


Potential members trying to choose a fitness center want more than just a workout space. Does your facility offer reliable WiFi anywhere in the location? Do you have saunas and locker rooms that make up additional spaces in addition to a main area? You want to present any amenities you offer members as comfortable and reliable features of their memberships or sessions. For example, if you’ve installed a juice bar, you want to include that feature in your promotional material.


You know that modern fitness centers are known for holistic wellness– not just a floor with machines and mirrors for members to sweat it out on their own. Do you employ personal trainers, nutritionists or massage therapists that members can go to for questions or concerns? Marketing your facility as a center for all aspects of wellness demonstrates to potential members your investment in helping people achieve their fitness and health goals.


Is your gym furnished with the latest fitness equipment? Do you have dozens of workout machines available so members don’t have to wait during peak hours? When choosing a fitness center, potential members are going to be wary of joining if your equipment is outdated or there are lines for a few working machines. It’s crucial that equipment is well-maintained and repaired quickly if issues arise.


Many potential members look for guided classes. Offering a wide selection for various levels of experience is a great marketing resource for your facility. When discussing membership with a person choosing a gym, you want to discuss the various classes available and encourage them to join something they already love or explore something that no one else has offered them.

Niche Markets

Some of your potential members incorporate their fitness preferences into their entire lifestyle– from niche areas of yoga practices to specific crossfit preferences. You want to engage potential members committed to specific routines by promoting the classes, instructors and equipment available in your gym specific to their workout preferences. For example, if your space is dedicated to separate rooms rather than a large open space for machines, you would market towards people interested in guided dance or yoga sessions.


Fitness centers should be strategically located and offer convenient hours. A location close to major business centers or nestled in residential neighborhoods is the perfect locale for a gym. Hours of operation during times when it’s convenient to most people to work out is important. Your facility should fit easily into a potential member’s daily routine so they don’t feel like taking care of their wellbeing is an out-of-the-way burden.

Costs and Fees

Some gyms might advertise $10 / month membership costs. Then, when a new member signs up, that person discovers a handful of hidden fees that are tacked on to the bill. Don’t make it difficult for your new members to understand payment options. Be upfront and straightforward regarding membership fees. Don’t lose out on potential customers because they are confused about what you offer. Contact our experts to simplify your health or fitness center.