The National Retail Federation (NRF) has helped retail shine for over a century. Every January in New York City, the Big Show takes the spotlight as the world’s largest retail conference and expo showcasing the best retail brands, the latest technologies, and what they’re doing to boost the customer experience as well as track behavior. These are all of the things that matter most in the retail industry, right?

For a number of years, Accucode, Inc. has been lucky enough to be part of the Big Show and it gives us an inside look into this 3-day annual industry event packed with incredible speakers, demos and events put on by some of the biggest retail brands in the world. NRF is not your average work conference; it has evolved into one of the must-see, must-attend events with some of the biggest and brightest innovators in retail today.

  • 40,000 attendees
  • 16,000 retail brands
  • 700 exhibitors
  • 99 countries representing

With these record numbers, NRF is definitely the place to learn about newest technologies, understand how to maximize customer experience, and drive additional revenue through the use of digital tools– a perfect start to the 2019 year. Accucode attends the show for three key reasons. First, to explore new products/ trends for our new and existing customers. Second, to meet with senior leadership and product developers of mobility products. Third, to making lasting connections (and re-connect!) with attendees– both partners to customers. This year, Accucode found that customer experience was paramount at every point of the Big Show, so we honed in on what companies are currently doing to ensure that the customer is the star throughout the buying experience.

The Rising Shift to Meet Customer Expectations

In 2019, business intelligence is being delivered along with data analytics for even more insight to help reveal problems retailers didn’t even know were there like missing inventory. It also can help find areas of opportunity by analyzing data of internal or external factors like weather. Whatever it is, retailers know data analytics will support the customer experience even more. The big giants like WalMart and Amazon are already on the ball using analytics and have seen the huge benefits like reducing costs, increase customer satisfaction and higher profits of tracking analytics. Understanding analytics retailers are on the brink to make changes that will impact business immediately and in the long run.  

It’s 2019, and it’s truly time for customer experience to shine. Utilizing analytical data is just the beginning of connecting best with customers in the most modern, innovative way. Learn more about what Accucode is doing to support our partners in the newest wave of customer satisfaction!