Award-winning technology solutions for any industry

We are a technology disruption platform with expertise in design, integration, acquisition, deployment, service and support. We have deep experience with a wide range of technologies and we are not afraid to master new and emerging technology when required. With customers in many industries and successful installations all over the world, we pride ourselves on being a diverse technology company with operational divisions that focus on solving specific problems for specific customers.

We don’t have competitors- only potential partners that don’t understand how to work with us, yet. If you are happy with your current solution provider or partner, but still see areas for improvement, we offer services that will help all parties involved. It’s a win-win scenario for everyone involved and we can help you if you let us.

Founder & CEO

Technology is always disrupting, so being a disruptor is part of who we are. We are the guys that come in and change whole industries through the application of technology. We’re never interested in just a project- we want a customer for life.

Continuous Innovation & Custom Solutions for Your Business

What sets us apart as a technology company are our values, philosophies and unique approach to problem solving. We are in many ways more than just a technology solutions provider or IT support partner. Our expert research and development teams continually pursue new products and projects; we are always on the lookout for the next big thing in disruptive technology.

Visibility is where it starts

For us, every solution starts with one, simple goal: visibility. With real-time, accurate visibility of people, materials and processes, we give you technology solutions aimed at driving automation, efficiency, and reliable outcomes. We are not box pushers here to sell you a part number, a drone or a scanner. We actually look to help you solve your problems through the application of technology.

Customer engagement drives us

Our goal is to engage with you from the beginning by truly understanding your business objectives and the unique challenges you face every day. We aren’t interested in just selling you a part number and walking away: we want to help your business succeed through creative problem solving and intelligent engineering.

Integrity at every step

Understanding your business objectives and unique needs is at the heart of everything we do. We want to have an open and honest dialogue with our customers and partners at every step. We spend any time necessary to meet and develop custom solutions.

Scalable & repeatable outcomes

Identifying technological gaps and building tailored, self-sustaining solutions to fill them is what we do best to keep your business up and running. Our customers understand that this is critical to their customer satisfaction. Our ideal outcome with our customers and partners are win-win propositions with the potential for long-term growth.