Disruptive technology for business automation, accurate visibility, and consistent outcomes.

Current market changes mean that businesses require a combination of disruptive technologies to create automated ecosystems.

Our in-house engineering capabilities include drones, robotics, AI, 3D solutions, and more.

Combined, they drive consistent outcomes and reporting. Innovative partners, like Fetch Robotics, provide the market’s only cloud-driven solutions that addresses material handling and data collection for environments such as warehousing and distribution. Fetch Robotics’ Cloud Robotics delivers proven increases in throughput, efficiency, and productivity, at lower costs.


Our engineers can build drone fleets with RFID technology for every step of inventory tracking that eliminates errors and increases your bottom line.


We offer turnkey, cloud-based, and integrated systems that find, track, and move anything from parts to pallets in warehouses, factories, and distribution centers.

Artificial Intelligence

Combined technological solutions with engineering expertise are built for complete business automation that results in guiding workers in every step of processes through AI.

3D Printing

We offer 3D printing services– from scanning,design, to printing anything you need with cutting-edge technology and engineers at your fingertips.

Wearable data collection is the next step to full visibility, accuracy, and consistent results from business automation.

Smart eye-wear is the latest technology that works with all of your other technology for business automation. Wearable wireless connectivity means that it can pair with everything from smartphones to drones. Robotic data collection means more accuracy and AI reporting.

True business automation isn’t just about data collection and accurate, consistent reporting.

Smart eye-wear allows employees to connect with each other and share expertise. They can also share their experiences by live-streaming for real-time collaboration and troubleshooting. At the same time, AI analysis will tell them where to go from each step in the automation process. Wearable data collection– from glasses, to hats, to belts– is the next step to full visibility, accuracy, and consistent results from business automation.

The FAA’s new laws on unmanned aircraft allow even more possibilities as one solution.

Our engineering capabilities can find or design solutions that efficiently capture data for consistent outcomes and costs. Accucode’s drone solutions are one of these data capturing technologies that focus on employing fleets of drones that support and fill in the gaps of legacy IT architecture in an overall ecosystem of process automation.

Contact our engineers to work with your business and find the right solutions and technology to meet your goals.

Accucode engineering capabilities and expertise focus on identifying gaps in legacy IT, then designing and supporting scale-able solutions. We give businesses consistent outcomes at a consistent price. Accucode has specialized in complete visibility into business automation for over 25 years.