Guide your workers through every step of the business process.

Accucode AI’s IoT edge orchestration employs customized machine learning software and AI enabled IoT edge technology. We use Augmented Reality (AR), and in a broader scope, IoT edge technology, to  build an intelligent system for secure deployment in the cloud.


Accucode AI products are engineered with expert consulting to help you reach your digital future.

Start your transformation and realize your future as a digital organization of automated systems. Let AI, robotics, and machine learning do the heaving lifting–  giving your workforce the power to perform at a higher level.

Smart manufacturing

Our 4.0 smart manufacturing center received University of Limerick research grants for qualified AI R&D projects.

Chatbots & NLP technology

We offer a digital assistant & digital manager utilizing NLP in chatbot interfaces for business process roles.

Visual deep learning

Photo and streaming video analysis includes deep learning networks for automated analysis and object ID tracking.

Decision/detection engines

Data architecture is critical for machine learning. We offer data generalization and feature engineering.


RFID, temperature, vibration, heat and, locationing are all readily available sensing solutions.

Our robotics solutions include unmanned forklifts, drones (piloted and automated), arms, and floor-based logistic solutions.

Ruggedized Mobile IoT Edge Computing Gateway

Connectivity options include LTE, RF, Ethernet, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth. Scale-able data storage for operations means that devices can operate without constant internet connectivity. An information database and command center chatbot running at the edge allows devices to spend less time communicating with the cloud, react more quickly to changes, and operate reliably– even in extended offline periods and without human intervention. An essential part of our smart IoT edge hardware solutions is machine learning decision/detection engines running at the edge.

Augmented Reality Heads-Up Display (AR HUD)

Wearable hands-free data displays can be integrated into eye protection to guide workers step-by-step through processes– from beginning to end. Duplexed (2-way) audio visual communication and data displays provide further visibility. This hardware solution can be employed between the command center subject matter expert and a field technician. This can also be applied to communication between the command center chatbot and field technicians. We also offer an integrated visual cognition engine with streaming video as part of this duplexed AV communication and data display hardware.

Gain greater advancements in speed, scalability, cost reduction, and security for your business processes with deep machine learning, hardware, and software solutions.

Respond in real time

Get the lowest delay possible between the data and the decision. IoT edge orchestration processes data on the device itself, with the option of using our hardware solutions. Real-time AI calculations give you the immediate insights into your processes that you need to make critical business decisions.

Reduce IoT solution costs

IoT edge data acquired is meaningful for post-analytics. Use our software and hardware solutions with deep machine learning models to process the data locally and send only what’s needed to the cloud for further analysis. This reduces the cost associated with sending all your data to the cloud, while maintaining the highest quality data that you need.

Operate offline or with intermittent connectivity

Operate your edge devices reliably and securely, even when they’re offline or they have intermittent connectivity to the cloud. IoT edge orchestration and solutions mean that device management automatically syncs the most recent state of your devices after they’re reconnected to ensure seamless operability 24/7.