Do You Have a Solid, Comprehensive Business Continuity Plan in Place?

Extreme’s Portable Branch Office Kit and Accucode provide a “work anywhere” capability for connecting, securing and managing remote offices and workers. Easily get a new branch office location up and running through remote configuration.

Fully cloud-managed infrastructure can self-provision and be fully operational in minutes.

Management and operations of the infrastructure can be performed from home or anywhere! Get our industry-leading support and services with 100% in-sourced engineering experts available to you 24/7. 

Powerful SD-WAN routers

Latest Wi-Fi technology

Simple cloud management

Secure teleworker / VPN capabilities

Highly secure tunnels to support home-based workers as well as secure site to site connectivity. Rest easy knowing that Accucode has 30 years of experience in keeping the safety and reliability that businesses need in their IT infrastructure

Integrated security

L2-7 stateful firewall on XR routers and on the AP305C, WPA3 and Private Pre-Shared Key for secure Wi-Fi.

Unified policies 

Get everything that you need across the SD-WAN and Wi-Fi environments and nothing that you don’t in one bundle

Get the security and reliability of Meraki’s powerful Extreme Network & Accucode’s Elite100 Managed Services in one place

Centralized orchestration and management

Remote locations without IT resources managed and provisioned through a single pane of glass.

Prevention of remote office sprawl

Integrated LAN/ PoE, Wi-Fi, WAN and security capabilities in a cost effective, space-efficient bundle.

Simple traffic prioritization

Prioritize traffic from groups of users or applications

Rapid deployment

New locations can be up and running in minutes with zero touch provisioning and remote configuration .

Flexible WAN connectivity

Gain the ability to connect remote sites with whatever WAN connectivity is readily available (Broadband, LTE, MPLS). Flexible options are available for primary and backup links with dynamic state monitoring and path selection