Technology can bring the oil and gas industry to a new level of safety and efficiency

New environmental regulations, declining demand, increasing supply and production costs all mean that the energy industry is constantly changing. We specialize in AI to make rigs safer and ensure environmental regulatory compliance. 3D printing, scanning, drones and non-destructive testing all have immediate value at the field level.

Accucode specializes in rig safety, navigation and controls

We provide more reliable and cost effective connectivity for all of your operations. We allow you to collect data with real-time visibility and automation to ensure effective use of resources. Our 3D printing and scanning technology can save millions of dollars in downtime by creating critical parts where you need them when you need them.

Reliable Hardware & Support

Regulatory Compliance

Integrated Systems

Unlimited IT Resources

Asset Tracking & Trace-ability

Automatic Data Capture & Transmission

AI uncovers trends that pinpoint current and future inefficiencies in the oil and gas industry

You need to constantly improve performance operations from executive level management to field work to be competitive. AI automates processes, streamlines manual business operations and connects with IoT devices, making every arm of the company more efficient and profitable. Our solution for oil and gas applies artificial intelligence to a wide range of disciplines including control systems, electrical systems, dynamic positioning systems, vessel control systems and more. The oil and gas sector must capitalize on any business intelligence, or be left behind in the global adoption of digital automation.

Robotics and drones are bringing automation and efficiency to today’s oil and gas companies

The oil and gas industry was slow to adopt the use of robotics before 2014, but now any surviving company climbing out of the collapse implements robotics wherever they can. For example, drones automate the dangerous and repetitive tasks of connecting drill pipes on oil rigs. Implementation of robotics such as drones in oil and gas companies shaves weeks of collection time and human resources: inspection data collected in five days takes rope-access technicians about eight weeks.

Cloud computing is the powerful engine behind the transformation of your industry’s processes into a largely digital infrastructure

The sheer amount of data companies can harness and further analyze through automation reduces operational expenses, down well times, and risk. As more oil and gas companies integrate cloud computing, field workers are enabled to optimize production. To be effective, the entire production chain, from COO right down to on-site well engineers, need to have levels of visibility. Our solutions allow you to see the details of cost and production data, even narrowed down to individual invoices. You need to leverage cloud computing capabilities for accuracy and transparency in the shortest amount of time to drastically improve well-cost management and processes.

Our Oil & Gas Solution Benefits:

  • External support and complete visibility into assets
  • Easily recognize and analyze technology gaps
  • Ensure all personnel both in HQ and the field remain compliant with policies and procedures
  • Manage multiple areas of business operations for customer and staff satisfaction
  • Make it easy to train personnel on new technologies
  • Give supervisors ultimate transparency at every step
  • Lessen well down time
  • Easily integrate new technology and IT solutions into current systems
  • Training and lifetime support to keep up with the latest technology
  • Automate dangerous and time-consuming tasks

Networks and Connectivity

  • Access Points
  • Security Appliances & Switches
  • Site Surveys & Installations
  • ISP & Data Plan Activations
  • Fiber, DSL, Satellite, LTE, WiMAX

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  • Rugged Handhelds
  • Tablets & Smartphones
  • Explosion-Proof Devices

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Data Collection

  • Barcode Scanning & Printing
  • RFID
  • Biometrics
  • IoT & Sensors

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Comprehensive IT Service

  • Hardware Leasing
  • Hardware Procurement
  • Deployment
  • Installations
  • Service & Support
  • Asset Reclamation

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AI Consulting Services

  • Oil Rig Acceptance Testing
  • Temperature & Pressure Monitoring
  • Downhole Data Monitoring
  • Cold & Warm Stack Activations
  • Pattern & Trend Detection
  • System Design & Development

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  • Commercial Drones
  • Drone Deployments
  • Propellers, Batteries & Chargers
  • Drone Consulting Services

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