Retailers are under pressure from online, technology-first competitors

In order to survive and thrive, retailers need a technology vision and an operational execution strategy that includes constant connection to your customers, employees and trading partners. Your network is now the lifeblood of your business.

Today’s consumer is tech-savvy and expects retailers to be prepared to engage electronically, online and in the store

Your key systems need to run in a highly efficient, scalable cloud-hosting environment or you can’t compete on cost structure. With over 20 years of technology success in retail, we are uniquely qualified to help you bring your vision to life. We can make technology a reliable, competitive advantage for your retail enterprise. Are you ready?

Inventory Management & Trace-ability

Labor Management & Workflow Automation

Assisted Selling

Point of Sale

Wired & Wireless Networks

Digital Surveillance

Digital Signage

Wireless Sound Systems

Mobile Computing


Accurate, real-time visibility of all operational processes is now the competitive benchmark.

Technology-first competitors have metrics defined down to the second for every operational processes in their business; they know when, where and why these metrics aren’t being met at anytime. Can you do the same? Networks, mobile computing, automated data collection, workflow automation software, data analytics and AI are the tools we use to create visibility across your retail operation. If you will give us the opportunity we can help seamless visibility of your people, processes and assets.

We work with your project timelines and strive to meet deadlines critical to your operations.

Is your store’s grand opening just around the corner? Do you want to upgrade for a big event or product release? Speed is the name of the game– our team has perfected a process and tools that shave weeks off typical deployment schedules. Within a matter of days, we’ll have your technology up and running like a well-oiled machine.

Designing technology infrastructures that retailers can count on is our expertise.

We’ve worked with some of the nation’s largest retailers for over 20 years as well as small businesses with high growth. Our seasoned team of engineers and technicians know exactly which technology components will work seamlessly in your store’s environment, and just as importantly, which ones to avoid. From the beginning, we work with you to design customize-able solutions, selecting only what fits your vision and requirements.

The impact from downtime on productivity and revenue is unacceptable.

Your IT department has its hands full and the number of devices that need to be acquired, installed, serviced and supported is increasing exponentially. It is important that you have a well thought-out, documented plan that includes the right partner and the right tools to keep your critical systems in the hands of your users everyday. When something breaks, we’ll overnight you a replacement that is pre-configured so that all your users have to do is turn it on. We have tools to allow us to remotely monitor, manage and administrate your networks, computers and systems. We support some of the largest retail operations in the world on a daily basis. We are ready to make technology a reliable tool for you.

Accucode partners with you to make sure that technology, acquisition, service and support matches your financial resources.

We will always deliver the lowest cost of acquisition and ownership. We can tailor a Capex or Opex budget for any size of retailer enterprise. You won’t have to worry about any of your budget spent on surprise repair costs or licensing fees that could instead go towards long-term business development. Our goal is to deliver your business objectives with reliable performance and costs for your technology infrastructure.

Department Stores

Service Retailers

Grocery & Convenience


Specialty Retailers

SMB & Enterprise Retailers

Our Retail Solution Benefits:

  • POS hardware, training & support
  • Inventory visibility & management
  • Real-time visibility of staff & management
  • Customer support & satisfaction
  • More time to run your business
  • Brand loyalty
  • Increased ROI
  • Less downtime
  • 24/7 support and service


“There’s something to be said for managing rollouts like that without the help of other vendors. If every integrator could deliver results as quickly as Accucode, the industry would look a whole lot different.”

Inventory Tracking

  • Barcode Scanners, Printers & Labels
  • Rugged 1D & 2D Scanners
  • Wireless or Corded Scanners
  • Wearable Scanners
  • Label & Receipt Printers
  • Receipt Paper & Consumables
  • Handheld RFID Readers & Scanners
  • Fixed Tag Readers
  • RFID Printers, Labels & Tags

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Computer Hardware

  • Handheld Mobile Computers
  • Wearable Computers
  • Vehicle Mount Computers

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  • Tablet & Smartphone POS
  • Rugged iPad Enclosures
  • Receipt Printers
  • Retail Scanners
  • Credit Card Readers
  • Cash Drawers

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  • Mist location tracking with Bluetooth 4
  • Access Points & Switches
  • Security Appliances & Antennas
  • Employee & Guest WiFi Options
  • PCI Compliant

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Digital Signage & Video

  • Indoor & Outdoor Security Cameras
  • Live Footage 24/7
  • Weatherproof & Wire-Free Cameras
  • Night Vision Surveillance
  • LCD Displays
  • Kiosks & Interactive Displays
  • Content Management Software
  • Speakers, Subs & Amps

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3D Printers, Scanners and Supplies

  • 3D Desktop Printers
  • Metal Printers
  • Plastic Printers
  • Portable 3D Scanners

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