Keep up with the competition and run a world-class, highly-visible supply chain, transportation or 3PL network

We provide solutions that keep your users in constant contact with their assets– on the plane, the truck or the shelf while meeting all compliances.

Our supply chain and transportation solutions focus on bringing mission critical data directly into the hands of those who need it

With over 20 years of experience in supply chain and transportation, we’ve helped hundreds of businesses scan, track and deliver assets through the application of mobile technology. Our barcode, RFID, mobile computers, tablets, and network solutions give you access to real-time information so you can make quick, efficient decisions every step of the way– especially while you’re on the move.

Reliable Hardware & Support

Regulatory Compliance

Integrated Systems

Unlimited IT Resources

Asset Trace-ability & Visibility

Automated Data Capture & Transmission

Environmental Monitoring

Reliable communication tools for distribution facilities & on the road

We provide full visibility of every device deployed in your ecosystem– from depot to delivery

With real-time information on technology status and location, you’ll never have to worry about where assets reside: if they’re in repair, transit, lost or even stolen. You’ll have access to the location of all of your technology with the click of a mouse. You can have peace of mind knowing it’s in the hands of the right people and successfully managed. As technology evolves, business dependency on that technology increases. With this increase comes the need to know what you have, where you have it and how it’s performing. It is a tremendous amount of work to monitor a large population of devices deployed over a large geographic area.

Complex environments with compliance standards require identifying specific goals and objectives from beginning to end of every project

We identify the specific goals and objectives, and test multiple devices with a series of detailed hardware evaluations. Then, we work with you to make recommendations on which devices will deliver the best performance at the lowest cost of ownership. In supply chain and transportation it’s especially important to have hardware that’s reliable every step of the way. In the rare case a device needs to be sent back, we overnight ship anytime, anywhere. You don’t rest and neither do we.

Businesses are becoming increasingly burdened with added support and administration responsibilities every year

You are asked to do more with less to support a growing demand for technology. Resource continuity and reliability are critical to making sure your environment keeps up with increasing IT demands. We offer professional service training hours that can be used anytime, anywhere in your supply chain project. This way, if you need to get someone up to speed on a project quickly, but don’t have enough time to get them acclimated, give us a call and one of our engineers will be ready to assist you at a moment’s notice.

Integrated thinking leads to integrated solutions

Our team of experts offers complementary expertise across technologies and industries to give partners a competitive edge. By automating capture and transmission of video data, we can increase the efficiency of your workforce– both at the depot and on the road.



3rd-party logistics

Freight forwarders

Fleet operators

Delivery networks

Our Supply Chain Solution Benefits:

  • Mist location tracking with Bluetooth 4
  • External support and complete visibility into assets
  • Easily recognize and analyze technology gaps
  • Ensure all personnel both in distribution and delivery remain compliant with policies and procedures
  • Manage multiple areas of business operations for customer and staff satisfaction
  • Make it easy to train personnel on new technologies
  • Give personnel technology that makes managing assets/inventory easy
  • Give supervisors ultimate transparency at every step
  • Never bring business to a halt
  • Easily integrate new technology and IT solutions into current systems
  • Training and lifetime support to keep up with the latest technology

Networks & Connectivity

  • Mist location Tracking With Bluetooth 4
  • Access Points
  • Security Appliances & Switches
  • Site Surveys & Installations
  • Data Plan Activations
  • Verizon & AT&T Carrier Options

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  • Tablets & Smartphones
  • Handheld Computers
  • Vehicle Mount Computers

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Data Collection

  • Barcode Printing & Scanning
  • RFID
  • Biometrics
  • Drones

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Comprehensive IT Services

  • Hardware Leasing
  • Hardware Procurement
  • Deployment
  • Installations
  • Service & Support
  • Asset Reclamation

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Technology Consulting & Support

  • Professional assistance for unique engineering & project requirements

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  • Rapid Inventory
  • 4Work
  • Samsara
  • Verify Technologies
  • Hawk Safety
  • Xelba
  • Movilizer
  • Crossmatch
  • 7Signal
  • Pronov8
  • Savant Software

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