Jellyfish and Thousands of Restaurants Mingle in Chicago


What’s it like to go to the National Restaurant Association’s show in Chicago for the first time

At the 2019 National Restaurant Association Show, Chicago turned into a vast array of the most competitive food industry players around the globe– from restaurantaurs to the biggest names in distribution. Known as the “NRA Show,” this event is the biggest event of its kind in the world. The exhibition draws celebrity chefs and new products. It showcases the newest trends in the industry where international names in the food marketplace can discover, learn, connect, inspire and explore the most disruptive tech out there, specifically tailored to their needs. A major takeaway for Josie Crete, our Jellyfish app representative, was invited to the event, that as experts in the tech industry, only the most unique and customizable tools and apps will do for the most competitive industry in the international realm of the food industry. The alignment of the two industries (food and tech) is especially unique. Specifically, mobile apps that deliver actionable strategies tailored to both sides of inventory order management are the hot topic in staying competitive, and are critical to business success.

The Best of the Best: Facts on the Biggest Gathering of International Food, Beverage and Hospitality Vendors & Their Distributors

The National Restaurant Association Show has an estimated visitor number of 45,000. The 2,300 exhibitors paid upwards of $3,000 per booth. For the food, beverage and hospitality industry, the benefits of such a large networking, exposure and competitive edge is incomparable. Chicago hosts this extraordinary exhibition every year. However, this year was especially important for two reasons. First, it was the 100th anniversary of the show– the centennial of the show! Second, it coincided with the launch of our Jellyfish mobile app– the 2019 iteration of our established technology for inventory management. What makes this iteration different is not only the mobile app format for professionals on the go, but it not only expertly handles inventory management (it is well known that there are many options for this out there now), but Jellyfish has the added benefit of one-push ordering for any amount of vendors! The question for Josie was: was this one-push ordering addition and app format (it synches to desktop, too, of course) well-received by restaurateurs, distributors, or especially both? It is tailored to both with customized features, free for restaurants, and simple low, monthly subscriptions for distributors? The show is renowned for innovations, celebrity chefs, seeing old friends in the business and networking among both old and new professionals, so how did new tech innovation fare? Read on to find out!

Time is Money: Diverse and Local Vendors Make Restaurants Competitive and Successful, But Hard to Juggle With Multiple Orders and Cost Time

Only disruptive high-tech innovations that save energy, resources, personnel, and time matter to this industry. It’s this that got the attention of everyone Josie talked to at the NRA Show. All of these things translated into money for competitive restauranteurs in the business. The latest trend internationally is simple, fast ordering with multiple vendors who offer both diversity and reliability. These two things are often at odds, and hard to achieve for restaurants and stores (even well-established ones) since the industry trends change rapidly– with or without them! Over and over again, the most positive feedback and excitement about the Jellyfish app for happened when Josie brought up the average savings in not merely money, but time. Time itself is the hottest commodity in the food and beverage industries that expands beyond initial investments and budgets, but on owners, chefs and staff that work notoriously long shifts, days at a time, and with no “normal” vacation time. If a restaurant were to close for a weekend or holiday, the results could be drastic both financially and for branding/customer bases. Things need to be up and running at all hours, and orders placed correctly and in real time.

Jellyfish not only gives restaurateurs, shop owners and their distributors real time inventory and transparency into inventory. What sets it apart is one-push ordering for any amount of vendors that can update their offerings at any time and can be easily viewed by vendors. Time is money, and Jellyfish saves everyone those things in a mobile app.