This will undoubtedly go down as one of the most strange and eventful years in history. Covid-19 is on the rise again across the US and the world. Civil unrest has settled in across the United States, driven by continued bigotry, racism, and the misconduct of law enforcement and political leaders.  

Vaccines are on the way! In an unprecedented global scientific effort, billions are being spent. Multiple solutions will begin to be available later this year and in early 2021. Until then, things are going to remain restricted. 

Unemployment is at an all time high. It is likely that the long-term economic impact of 2020 will hurt many more people around the world than the actual Covid-19 virus. There will be big winners and big losers economically. There already have been. 

E-commerce, delivery (of everything), and cooking at home have all seen the biggest shift in market share that they have ever seen. Technology adoption will accelerate in many sectors.  3D/digital manufacturing, 5G, IoT sensors, robotics, artificial intelligence, augmented reality, security cameras, and automated data collection of all kinds are getting a boost in adoption and priority. 

Accucode 3D has seen a record demand for our services since March. We are manufacturing a wide range of personal protective equipment and facility remediation solutions to minimize contact in the workplace. We are selling printers to companies that need alternative solutions to disrupted supply chains or plants that have been closed. The ability to manufacture almost anything in a matter of days is a game changer in time-critical situations like we face today, and will continue to face in the future. 

Accucode and InDemand are involved in the 5G deployment efforts for some of the largest US telecom carriers. 4Work has the potential to become a industry-wide tool for asset management, field service, support, delivery optimization, and reverse logistics. 5G represents a 3-5% increase in the number of cell sites around the world and the largest public network deployment effort in human history. It brings with it gigabit speeds and the potential to create unprecedented visibility and automation across all industries. 5G deployment uses a menagerie of IoT sensors, vision systems, AI, and robotics. 

Vision systems, augmented workers, and robotics are coming to just about every major sector. They will dramatically reduce the number of workers in many manufacturing and logistics environments. Millions of the jobs lost during 2020 will never really come back. There may be people involved in those processes, but their roles will be very different than before. The businesses that are going to survive and thrive on the other side of 2020 are going to be those that took the opportunity to achieve a new level of operational efficiency and scalability. 

How is your business? Have you mastered electronic engagement with your customers? Employees? Trading partners? Do you have accurate real-time visibility of all your important operational processes? Can your team do their jobs from anywhere? Are your facilities safe? Have you done everything you can to minimize risk and liability? Technology and a thoughtful organized approach can help with all of these things.

Don’t let the current reality get you down. There is an equal amount of opportunity and risk in every moment. You just have to be willing to see it for what it is and let it be. The turbulence of 2020 could lead you to unprecedented success if you seize the moment. As always, we are here to help.