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01/09/2023 3716
4Work Helps Teltech’s Technology Asset Management (TAM 2.0) Platform to Support Growth Initiatives

In 2020, Teltech adopted Accucode’s 4Work project management platform to optimize business processes and give them full visibility of assets during a time of growth with multiple, large-scale projects.

In 2020, Teltech adopted Accucode’s 4Work project management platform to optimize business processes and give them full visibility of assets during a time of growth with multiple, large-scale projects. Using this software, Teltech built their next generation Technology Asset Management (TAM 2.0) platform for their clients.

Teltech Group is a nationally recognized logistics/supply chain services and asset management company that had already developed the first iteration of TAM. Though Teltech had this platform in place, they were concerned with the existing platform's ability to meet its evolving needs, especially during COVID-19 challenges. Teltech was working on several large-scale projects for Sprint (now T-Mobile) and other large carriers/OEMs that required unique statuses and reporting capabilities throughout their project lifecycles. They needed visibility into millions of dollars of assets that were transported from the field throughout the country to central consolidation locations. While their own project management platform could handle what they had thus far, this presented another level of complexity which required an additional boost for managing field work and providing overall tracking and visibility.

Teltech came to Accucode looking for assistance with both project management and visibility into assets in order to move through these multiple large-scale projects.  Accucode  walked Teltech through how 4Work could  be tailored to their needs. They had specific requirements that they were looking to add to their existing platform to create TAM 2.0. After adding these features to their own 4Work solution, Accucode delivered a solution that allowed Teltech to scale their business processes and meet overall requirements. While staying within budget, Accucode was able to add on additional features and development time which was included in the pricing structure. Today, ongoing development and  support provide additional features and functionality that Teltech’s business evolution requires to meet overall customer requirements. 4Work platform enhances process automation and minimizes delays in providing customers’ information required to support their business. 4Work allows Teltech to keep up with the  trend of process automation within their growing business environment.

With 4Work, Teltech’s TAM 2.0 provides its customers with real-time visibility to projects and activities and enhanced reporting. Teltech is now able to provide a real-time, cloud/mobile solution that provides asset management, workforce optimization, and workflow automation. 4Work continues to support this platform to provide  a dependable, scalable, and repeatable solution with real-time project, task or asset visibility. 

“I am excited by Teltech's adoption of our 4Work business process automation platform. The tool has meant a tremendous increase in operational efficiency across Teltech’s Customer sectors,” says Kevin Price, CEO, Accucode. “Teltech is an innovative and engaging partner. Together we will continue to tailor the tools to create unprecedented visibility and automation in telecom operations and logistics.”

Lisa Hanlon, CEO at Teltech Group agreed. “The enhancements Accucode’s 4Work platform provided has taken Teltech’s TAM technology to the next level. This will continue to lead to the efficiencies in asset management, end-to-end visibility, and cost-control our clients expect for their projects large, small and everything in between.”

In summary, TAM 2.0 scales project deployments and provides Teltech and their customers immediate asset management visibility, accuracy and inventory tracking for improved decision making. 

  • Improved Real-Time Visibility: Insight into every IT rollout so that they know where projects stand at any step of the process.
  • Close The Skills Gap: 4Work’s step-by-step digital instructions gave field techs the ability to achieve similar levels of results regardless of their experience or skill level.
  • Do More With Less: Scaled their technology rollouts from hundreds to thousands of locations without needing to hire more field techs. 

Accucode’s proprietary workforce optimization software continues to support Teltech’s current IT infrastructure and projects with 24/7 support. 4Work project management has allowed Teltech’s highly skilled professionals the ability to take complex jobs and break them into simple tasks.  The technology provides a single, shared repository for all the data that needs to be tracked and acted upon by all parties involved.  All important project information is in one place and is updated in real time. For more information on 4Work, click here.


About Accucode: 

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About Teltech Group: 

Teltech Group solves business challenges surrounding network asset management, warehousing and logistics, personnel expertise/shortages and practical utilization of evolving technologies. Since 1999, Teltech Group has successfully operated in the telecommunications industry. Built upon a tradition of “doing it right the first time” and tackling challenges, Teltech has worked with some of the biggest companies spanning North America.  For more information, visit

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