Accucode AI integrates artificial intelligence (AI) into business processes to create value through increased levels of efficiency and automation.

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Software systems for process monitoring and control

We are currently applying AI technology to our own business process automation and so can you.

Real-Time Data

Key Performance Indicators

Machine Learning

Closed Loop Corrective Actions

Digital Assistants

Augmented Reality

Rig AI is our line of products and services for the oil and gas sector.  We provide comprehensive software and services around rig acceptance, inspections, safety certifications, real-time data monitoring, and analysis of automated system controls for drilling rigs.

Xstream RTM

Remote (onshore) real-time monitoring of offshore high pressure high temperature operations (30 CFR 250 compliant).

Know Flow

Real-time production flowline monitoring with valve control for laminar flow and leak detection with valve control.

Know Blow

Real-time drill string monitoring with real-time mud weight envelops and kick detection with BOP control.

Integrated Acceptance Testing

Rig acceptance testing for operators prior to contract operations.

Commissioning Acceptance Testing

Rig acceptance testing for drilling contractors prior to rig delivery.

Cold Stack/Warm Stack Re-activations

Rig acceptance testing for operators of previously stacked rigs, after reactivation, and prior to going onto contract.

Rig Inspections

Rig inspections to determine the operational condition.

Equipment & System Troubleshooting

Rig system analysis for anomaly detection and resolution.

Software Configuration Management

Audit of vendor software configuration management and control.