AI consulting services for system automation tailored to your business.

We help to guide workers through every step of the business process, employing customized machine learning software and AI enabled IoT Edge Technology.

Consulting services from design & prototyping all the way through integration into production.

We will evaluate your business process to design a digitized data architecture, identify and display KPIs, apply machine learning decision or detection engines, and to deploy AI enabled IoT Edge Tech to maximize the efficiency of your business.

Digital data architecture

KPI ID & display

Predictive analytics

Prototype ML engines

Production ML engines

AI enabled EdgeTech

AI system maintenance

Training & coaching

We have the expertise to help you apply Artificial Intelligence, sensing, and robotics to any process or application

We can augment the people in the process to drive unprecedented scale, consistency, and efficiency. AI has the potential to drive the next generation of efficiency and success in a wide range of environments. We can help make that happen quickly and reliably. It doesn’t have to cost millions of dollars to find out if it will work or not. 

From RFID scanners, to sensors programmed to scan body temperature, AI software solutions and devices are the new frontier in business automation through IoT edge orchestration. Our AI solutions and devices leverage IoT and cloud platform services, all powered by Accucode.

We recognize that globally integrating AI, machine learning, and robotics into systems looks different in every case.

Through our expert consulting, Accucode AI has implemented artificial intelligence and deep machine learning at the University of Limerick in Ireland with funding from the Irish government. Our consulting services have provided resources, funding, and revenue tax advantages for projects developed through Irish entities.

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