Decommission your hardware safely, securely, and within compliance.

Not sure what do you do with all your old equipment? Before you throw it in the trash, give us a call. We help companies get rid of their decommissioned hardware through a process that is secure, profitable and safe for the environment.

Keep your proprietary information safe

Exposing proprietary information about your business is the last thing you want happening when getting rid of old devices. We’ll wipe and inventory data from every piece of hardware to minimize theft and keep your business secure.

Did you know that only 15-20% of all electronic waste is recycled?

E-waste is extremely toxic to our environment when it’s not disposed of properly. Our recycling services are EPA compliant so you don’t have to worry about hefty fines or navigating federal standards.

Most hardware that is reaching end-of-life can be refurbished or deployed again for other jobs.

Our redeployment services outfit older devices to perform the jobs you need them to– saving you from expensive refresh cycles.

Our liquidation services bring in top dollar for devices that still hold value.

We facilitate live auctions and connect you with buyers looking to purchase used equipment. After it sells, we’ll package and ship the items on your behalf.