From wireless networks to tablets and bar code readers, your employees depend on technology every day to perform their jobs.

If anything ever goes sideways with a solution, it’s critical you get a working device back in the hands of users as soon as possible. Our award-winning services offer the preventive measures businesses need to keep things running smoothly.

The fastest way to fix a broken device is with a spare pool.

We’ll maintain a pool of matching devices that are preconfigured and ready-to-use at moment’s notice. If a device breaks, we’ll overnight an exact replacement from the spare pool, helping you minimize downtime.

Best for:

  • Distributed device populations
  • Devices with complex configurations and setup
  • Devices in rugged or industrial environments
  • Devices with costly down times
  • Mobile computers, tablets, handhelds bar code scanners, printers and more

Many technical issues can be fixed on the spot with help from our customer service representatives.

If something stops working, just open a support ticket in our LifeCycle portal and a live help desk agent will contact you to help remediate any problems.

Best for:

  • Software diagnostics
  • Hardware configuration issues
  • Issues with your network connection

On-site repairs when you need them

Wireless networks, industrial 3D printers, and other complex technologies sometimes require a scheduled tech visit. We have hundreds of certified technicians across North America ready to help with your on-site repairs.

Best for:

  • Wired or wireless networks
  • Large format 3D printers
  • POS systems