Mail tracking and process automation platform for air cargo carriers worldwide.


Velocity Mail (vMail) is a comprehensive mail tracking system for commercial airlines who transport mail around the world.

By leveraging mobile handheld computers that run the vMail software client, mail handlers can accurately track shipments and deliveries in real-time. vMail automates the entire process from route generation to accounting reconciliation, simplifying operational processes for all parties involved.


As the quantity of mail fluctuates each month, so does revenue from airline carriers delivering postal cargo.

This unpredictable revenue flow makes it difficult for airlines to budget for expenses that fund their IT systems. vMail solves this problem by using a license-based software approach that runs a pay-per-kilo subscription model, meaning users are only billed by the weight of mail they transport.

Mail Tracking & Management

In a world where postal mail is increasingly measured, vMail gives you optimal control over your mail handling operations by complying with postal messaging requirements.

While each airline has different operational requirements to follow, USPS standards are implemented separately from the airline’s processes, making this a compelling solution for all USPS partners.


The vMail solution is hosted in the cloud, giving secure access to all your administrative functions and activities in real-time.

Just open any internet browser to login to the web-based portal and you’ll have instant access to track your mail, view progress and consignment reports, manage your accounting reconciliation and postal invoicing, and more. You’ll even be able to control who can access particular functions by taking advantage of our role-based permission settings.



vMail offers your airline a suite of features that takes the burden of USPS/UPU compliance off your shoulders.


USUS Compliant

The vMail solution meets all USPS messaging requirements for handling U.S. Domestic & U.S. international mail


UPU Compliant

Postal messaging standards are based on the International UPU requirements which we’ve adopted and continue to maintain as part of the vMail solution.


Cloud Hosted

vMail is hosted in the cloud so there is no software to install and can be accessed from multiple devices.


Subscription Service

vMail uses a license based software approach so users only pay for what they use.


Secure Web-Based Console

All administration functions and reports are securely available through any web browser.


Future Proof

As postal requirements change, vMail will make sure you stay compliant with current messaging standards.

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