Order management for everyone

Jellyfish Order Management Software is a better way for retailers and suppliers to manage the ordering process. It is a mobile and desktop app where retailers can easily inventory every product they have and place orders with all of their suppliers with the simple push of a button. Jellyfish ordering is fast, simple, and efficient saving retailers and suppliers time and money.

An ecosystem made for you

Jellyfish is an app made for you, giving you one-screen ordering– no matter how many suppliers or inventory management systems you have. Jellyfish is a collaborative order management ecosystem developed by industry experts. It puts all suppliers and items into an automated, scale-able ordering system, eliminating mistakes and lowering costs.

Suppliers can find new customers and sell more to existing customers, at the same time as freeing their sales people from order entry and customer service tasks. Buyers can find local and national suppliers for any type of item. Jellyfish is here to help buyers connect with suppliers so that they can both keep their businesses growing together!

When everyone connects in one place, ordering items is faster and easier than ever

Jellyfish OMS is an app for Apple, Android and desktop that makes purchasing easier for retailers and suppliers. It’s 100% free for retailers and suppliers have no user fees if they sign up in 2019! Suppliers can use our app to receive orders, send messages, and share item information in real-time with customers.