Cost-effective monthly subscriptions that make it easy to acquire, install, maintain, and support technology that your business depends on.


Wouldn’t it be nice to know exactly how much you're going to spend on IT equipment this year?

Better yet, what if you could accurately predict the cost of all your technology deployments, installations, and service repairs years in advance? With our Solutions-as-a-Service offerings you can! For one predictable monthly fee, we’ll deliver all the equipment, software, managed services, and support necessary to deliver complete solutions around wireless networks, tablets, barcode scanners, printers, mobile devices, and more!


When you’ve got other things to worry about, let us take care of the hardware.

Your technology investments will go a lot further if you always have a working solution. Our managed services will make sure each device is staged and configured before it arrives on site so you don’t need to waste time setting it up yourself. We’ll even replace broken equipment the very next business day to minimize downtime and save you money.

Hardware Management & Maintenance


Focus on your core business, not a piece of equipment

Leave the headache of managing and supporting hardware and peripherals to us! This way you’ll have extra time to focus on your customers, staff, and bottom line.


One solution with a guaranteed outcome

Whether you need a wireless network installed, or a tablet POS system for your store, we’ll provide all the hardware, software, and services needed to support that solution.


Save time, money, and your sanity

Lower your total cost of ownership on all your technology hardware with our pre-configured devices, spare pool management services, and next business day replacements.


Scalable, Repeatable and Predictable

Scale your technology solutions depending on business needs while accurately predicting your monthly IT expenses. Knowing exactly how much you’re going to spend each month will make budgeting for future expenses a breeze.


Don’t get stuck with outdated equipment

We give you the freedom to upgrade to the latest technology solutions without having to spend thousands of dollars up front on new equipment.

Did you know...

Each year, 127 million labor-hours are lost during IT downtime worldwide? Avoid becoming another statistic with AO: LifeCycle’s hardware management and maintenance solution.


Fully Managed Networks

Fully managed wireless networks


AO: Launchpad

Managed tablet solutions, including mobile POS


AO: LifeCycle

Hardware management and maintenance services for all your IT equipment


Technology Consulting

Consulting and professional services to solve any project requirements

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