AO: LifeCycle

Service and support for all your IT equipment and hardware.

a technician repairing a computer

Each year, businesses spend thousands of dollars on mobile devices and IT equipment to boost productivity and increase operational efficiency.

But what happens when your equipment breaks or stops working, leaving employees unable to perform their job? If you solely rely on the Original Equipment Manufacturer’s warranty for service and support, the outcome and costs are likely unpredictable, especially when you have hardware from multiple vendors.


With AO: LifeCycle, we remove unpredictability from the equation by taking complete ownership over all your devices, new or used.

Our goal is to make sure you have a working, supported solution in the hands of users at all times. We’ll manage every step of the product’s lifecycle, from hardware acquisition and deployment, to ongoing maintenance and device retirement, so you can rest assured your IT equipment will stay intact — all for one predictable monthly fee.


AO: LifeCycle is a single service and support program for all your technology hardware and equipment.

By forming strategic partnerships with top OEMs and aftermarket repair partners in the industry, we have the ability to source new equipment, stage and configure hardware before it ships, repair broken devices quickly, and ship overnight replacements from our Operations Depot in Louisville, KY.


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