AO: LifeCycle’s Customer Portal is the central nervous system to our Operations Depot for initiating service and support requests on your IT equipment and hardware


The portal makes it easy to keep track of service and warranty contracts for all your multi-vendor assets, giving you a single point of access to all your documents.

If your device malfunctions or stops working, open a support ticket within the portal and we’ll overnight you a replacement from our Operations Depot. You’ll even have real-time visibility of where your devices currently stand in the repair process, keeping you informed at all times.

Inventory Management for QuickBooks

We’ll keep track of all activities associated with your devices and compile this data into various ad hoc reports within the portal.

These reports include period and trend patterns detailing total service requests, what issues were found, the overall service activity by day of the week, shipping fulfillment reports, and detailed troubleshooting processes for devices covered under the AO: LifeCycle solution.


The Customer Portal utilizes a true multi-tenant architecture, and is designed for use by anyone within your IT ecosystem.

End-users, help desk representatives, internal IT departments, independent software vendors, hardware manufacturers, and repair partners will have real-time visibility over all your technology assets from a single portal. Data and reports are segregated so each party only has visibility of the activity and transactions to which they have a direct relation. This makes collaboration among the parties more efficient and ensures optimal asset utilization for each device in your ecosystem.


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