AO: LifeCycle offers advanced managed services that support radio frequency handhelds, mobile computing devices, portable printers, barcode scanners, wireless network hardware, and other IT equipment.


Employee downtime caused by a malfunctioning device is the most expensive line item in the total cost of ownership for any technology solution.

That’s why it’s critical to have a service and support plan in place before something goes wrong. In order to keep productivity up and avoid costly downtime, we’ve designed a set of unified managed services that can be applied to any device covered under AO: LifeCycle.


Staging & Configuration

Large scale mobile deployments are a high-risk task for internal project teams. We will handle all the hardware components: our engineers will unbox, image and load identified applications, configure devices to your network, make sure devices are fully charged, kit and package, and ship to your sites. Thousands of devices can be deployed in this manner in just a few weeks, driving down the cost of acquisition through accelerated deployments.

Hardware Management & Maintenance

On-Site Installation & Training

We’ll help you plan your deployment, strategically manage the project, and provide the staffing necessary to execute a regional, national, or global rollout. Our unique methodology allows us to do this on a fixed bid basis with a highly compressed time line. This way, you’ll always know what it is going to cost and when it will be completed, before the project ever starts.


Golden Image Development

Most IT equipment requires unique configurations, network settings, OS components, firmware levels, and specific applications to be loaded before they can be used as mission critical devices. With AO: LifeCycle’s Golden Image Development service, we are responsible for making sure that the right image is loaded on every device before it is shipped. Our engineers will work closely with your IT staff to identify and create the optimal image configuration to ensure requirements are met and uptime is optimized.


Spare Pool Management

With AO: LifeCycle’s Spare Pool Management service, we’ll store spare devices at our Operations Depot in Louisville, Kentucky. All devices are tracked by serial number and warehouse location within our facility. Each device is kept charged and configured for the assigned site so that replacement devices are ready to ship within minutes.


Replacement Batteries & Accessories

As mobile devices become more powerful and mission critical, they also become more power hungry. We’ll stock and replace an unlimited number of batteries for all covered devices. Simply log into the AO: LifeCycle Customer Portal to request a replacement battery and we’ll overnight you a new oneSimilar to the battery replacement program, the AO: LifeCycle Accessory Replacement program provides flat rate monthly pricing for unconditional overnight replacement on covered cables, cradles, chargers, holsters, screen protectors, styluses, and cleaning kit accessories.


Help Desk Support

We’ll tailor a Help Desk support program that will meet even your most demanding requirements. We can act as a Tier 1, 2, or 3 support resource to the enterprise user or an internal help desk team. When you call the AO: LifeCycle Support Team, no matter what the problem is, you can rest assured your issues will be resolved before the call is completed. Trained support agents and system engineers will be kept on call and ready for all covered hours.



This unique Software-as-a-Service offering gives you the ability to remotely administrate, configure, manage, and troubleshoot any device running Windows Mobile or CE. There are no servers or IT resources necessary at all. For a flat monthly fee per device you’ll receive the hosted software, real-time visibility of every device, and the ability to manage your applications, images, and configurations.


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