Your one-stop-shop for turning consumer grade tablets into a fully managed business asset that your company can depend on.


Tablets are a great solution for businesses looking to enable a mobile workforce, boost employee productivity, and save money.

However, these benefits are only as good as the support plan your IT department has in place. Supporting mobile solutions requires a fundamentally different approach than your legacy IT equipment, and we know exactly what it takes to get the job done. With AO: LaunchPad, you’ll receive all the necessary services and support to make tablets a successful tool for your business operations.


Some tablets are simply better at performing certain tasks than others.

We know exactly which tablets will give you the best results and we’ll help you service and maintain the entire solution to maximize longevity and give you the greatest possible return on your investment. Under the AO: LaunchPad offering, we’ve carefully selected the best tablets on the market and bundled them with compatible accessories, hardware peripherals, and managed services to create specific bundles tailored for tablet POS, mobile POS, field sales, and kiosks.



Tablet Point of Sale

Fixed tablet-based point of sale solutions for your store


Mobile POS & Field Sales

Mobile point of sale solutions for field workers or employees on the go


Tablet Kiosks

Tablet-based kiosk solutions for your store or venue

Get AO: LaunchPad up and running for your business in as little as 72 hours.