Sonos For Your Business: Here’s How

Sonos is a consumer-grade electronics company known for developing the Sonos Wireless HiFi Music System. This solution creates a dedicated local Sonos network to allow streaming digital audio to any Sonos device on your local wired or wireless business network.

While this network (known as SonosNet) is mostly marketed for consumer use in home theater setups, it’s actually a very useful business tool. First, here’s some background on the tech and specs running on Sonos equipment.

Inside SonosNet

Sonos devices have no power switch and are always on. If this sounds wasteful, then keep in mind that every electronic device and appliance draws trickle (or standby) power from an outlet while plugged in– even if the power switch is turned off. A Sonos Play speaker consumes between four and eight watts while in standby, and power consumption use varies on usage.

Each speaker connects to other Sonos speakers using a proprietary peer-to-peer network similar to the TOR browser and torrent downloads. This network is encrypted using AES encryption; it is safe to use for commercial purposes and syncs sound across all devices.

Although each Play speaker is capable of functioning on its own (after connecting through the Sonos Controller app for Android or iOS), the company also offers other equipment capable of connecting a TV, video game console, stereo, or wired speakers to SonosNet through a variety of cable types.

More devices creates a stronger connection overall– essentially combining the powers of all the antennas into a single power.

This universal connectivity allows you to either build a new system from scratch or retrofit existing audio equipment to create a versatile system capable of accomplishing a wide range of business functions.

1. Intercom System

Many office buildings utilize an intercom system. This allows employees to hold private conversations without leaving the office. A wireless intercom system can cost $100 to $300 for just the essentials and goes up from there.

These are typically just old-school speaker phones that must be wired to a phone line. Offices without a phone/fax jack to spare, or where employees are constantly on the move, need a wireless solution like Sonos– the perfect business solution.

2. Loudspeaker/PA System

Many businesses with outdoor lots and multiple buildings, from hospitality to retail industries, utilize a PA loudspeaker system to make announcements across the entire site. These systems run in the thousands of dollars and require several heavy and expensive components.

The Sonos Play speakers have great sound clarity, but larger speaker drivers are necessary for outdoor situations where they’re competing with heavy ambient noise. Using Sonos Connect:Amp, businesses can wirelessly connect the large PA speakers to a singular sound system.

3. Ambient White Noise

On the subject of ambient noise, businesses routinely use sound masking to ensure speech privacy. Banks, call centers and government buildings require secure communications that can’t be overheard. A commercial white noise installation can cost $2 per square foot. So, to protect 50,000 square feet, a business will spend approximately $100,000.

Sonos Play speakers can run ambient white noise, which is readily available online. Here’s a 15-minute white noise track in mp3 format. Played on a loop through SonosNet, this white noise helps make sure what’s said in the office stays in the office.

4. Reception Music

The most common usage of the Sonos audio system is to play music in waiting rooms and other customer areas. Studies have shown music in an important element to build brand perception, attract customers and influence them to purchase more.

The Sonos Play speakers come preloaded with thousands of radio stations, and custom playlists can be created as well.

Before publicly playing anything other than the radio, be sure to pay a licensing fee to ASCAP or other publishing house to avoid being fined for piracy. It may not seem like a big deal, but musicians, composers, authors and publishers routinely look for stickers to ensure they’re being paid whenever they hear music playing in public; you never know who could be your next customer.

The best part about the SonosNet system is that all of these business functions can be accomplished with a single system. It’s a modular system that can be customized and controlled in any capacity you see fit for your business. So, instead of purchasing separate systems to perform all of the above tasks, a single, upgradeable system can be used for all of this.

The Internet of Things connects everyday objects in ways never before imagined. With a solid network infrastructure, your business can handle any task thrown at you, maximizing efficiency and ROI.

If you have questions about Sonos for business use or about how you can use Sonos in your day to day, contact our Sonos experts today.