All the technology, services, and support you’ll need when moving from point A to B


Our transportation and logistics solutions are focused on bringing mission-critical data directly into the hands of those who need it — anytime, anywhere.

With over 20 years experience in the transportation industry, we’ve helped hundreds of businesses scan, track, and deliver assets through the application of mobile technology. Our barcode, RFID, mobile computers, tablets, and network solutions will give you access to real-time information so you can make quick and efficient decisions while you’re on the move.



AO: Launchpad

Fully managed tablet solutions for employees on-the-road


AO: Networks

Fully managed wireless networks for transportation


AO: Lifecycle

Hardware management and maintenance services for all your equipment


Technology Consulting

Professional assistance for unique engineering and project requirements

Save money and reduce your total cost of ownership by subscribing to one of our Solutions-as-a-Service offerings!

For a monthly subscription, you’ll have access to the latest tablet solutions, wireless networks, barcode, RFID, and other mobile technologies. Instead of spending thousands of dollars upfront to purchase one of these solutions, we’ll provide all the hardware and equipment, professional installation services and training, warranty administration on broken devices, overnight replacements that save you from costly downtime, and live help desk support — all for one predictable monthly fee.

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