A promise we make to any customers who subscribe our solution bundles.

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No hidden fees

We understand financial forecasting and budgeting is key to successfully running a business. That’s why AO solution bundles are delivered at a flat monthly rate, so customers will always know what to expect. We promise to never change our pricing unless the client wishes to adjust their subscription.


Gracious exit

We want happy customers, not contractually obligated customers. To keep customers satisfied, most of our solutions are offered month-to-month with no long-term commitments. If a client becomes dissatisfied with one of our services, or finds themselves with a solution that no longer fits their needs, they have the right to cancel at any time.


Guaranteed level of service

When subscribing to an Accucode solution bundle, you’re not just paying for a part number — you’re paying for a predictable outcome that solves your problems from start to finish. Our unmatched level of service guarantees customers will have a working, supported solution in the hands of users.


Flexible plans

Market conditions and IT needs are always changing, whether it be a company expanding into new territories or an outdated technology system needing an upgrade. AO solution bundles are engineered for businesses that need a scalable and flexible approach to fulfilling their technology needs. Once IT requirements begin to fluctuate, we promise to adjust our solution to match the customer’s needs.